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Quality Policy

Every list is treated as a separate project and is built as per your need.
No list can be 100% accurate. We promise 85% to 90% accuracy on the emails and above 90% on other information.
The entire list must be used and the faulty contacts/hard bounce should be sent for replacement. Do not test a portion of the list to conclude the accura

Quality Practice

Data is built and verified based on our client’s criteria. Changes to the criteria will incur additional charges.Cancellations on a project will be incurred with basic operating cost based on the project. We do not supply ready-made data from any third party. Hence every contact is verified against various sources. Ideally 10,000 standard industry contacts would take 10 to 12 business days, post payment.

Should the database be customized then the number of days required to build and verify the information will be extended and you will be notified. Any data related issue should be notified within 5 working days. The data will be replaced after a rework and no refund can be processed for this. No data can be assured with 100% accuracy, our average accuracy level is 85%, and we also provide additional contacts to compensate inaccuracy in the list, if any.

Learn and use white listed servers for campaigns. Do not do bulk emails using spam words or send 100,000 contacts at one go or simultaneously. Always comply with the CAN SPAM ACT and the Data Protection ACT Policy while sending emails. We are here to resolve any data related issues and you are always our priority.

Check for spam words and spam scores on any template before campaign.

In the event where any data project related issue remains unresolved, you could choose to opt for a different criteria with the same pricing. To maintain our relationship, we could provide you with two options:

Standard list fields are first and last name, email, telephone number, company name, job title/department, URL, city, state, zip code, country, industry description. If you require additional fields like SIC or NAICS or revenue size and employee, an additional cost would be required with it.

We will consider the final criteria on the email or the criteria on the order form. Kindly ensure the criteria are accurate, since it involves several man hours and operational cost to complete the project.

While appending all the contacts will be worked upon and the final results will be delivered to you as and when they are available. A company that does not have web presence cannot be guaranteed on the quality of the contact of obtaining email address. The cost calculated is for the overall file and not just the appended contacts.

For email campaign, we do not guarantee on the results of the leads. We will use our server and domain and the creative should be provided by the client. List will not be delivered but the campaign results can be shared however the clients wish to see.

Do not consult our data or share our data with any other organization as each data varies based on the sources. We consider every project under your complete discretion and not to cause any harm to our business.

We are not liable for any loss or damage using our digital product.