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Data Appending

Are you missing business because of missing information?

Adding any missing contact information to your existing in-house database is the key to client retention and new business. In-house data is also known as golden data since you know your prospects and have worked with them sometime or the other.

It is vital to stay connected with your prospects. Incomplete data causes too many bounces and are labeled as out dated data. Data collected through various sources like, events and conference, webinars or social network, CRM or outlook downloads can be updated and connected using the appending process.

What do we append?

We need basic information before we initiate any appending projects like company, titles or names (or we will append all the decision making contacts like Director, C-level and VP-level)

We can append information like title, name, email ID, telephone and fax number, URL, employee size and revenue size, department, geography, technology user type. We also replace faulty or invalid email or contacts. Data appending process helps your prospective list stay accurately updated and avoid repeated investments on your In-house data.

This Data Management Process enhances your client’s response and reduces unproductive time while you reach out to them.

Kindly send us up to 10 random samples for a free test appending.