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Tech Users Multi channel marketing list (Email & telemarketing and Mailing List:

The source for building these user level contacts is key to the quality of the database and the reflects on the ROI. There are many vendors who rotate and circulate these information but fail to maintain, as these contacts involve to many resources and methods to maintain the quality of the list on a monthly basis.

Few thoughts to ponder on the technology user based list before acquiring:

We have a process to answer the above questions and maintain relationship with all our clients. Our comprehensive data includes the following fields.

We can customize the list based on your need and niche market. We are here just to serve you.

Dedicated data operational team of telemarketing and email verifying professionals maintain our databases on a daily basis. We have built various list that are much customized for our client´s prospects and niche market. We are able to source data from emerging markets like Africa and middle east. Some of the contacts go through translation to build the data. That is how in-depth we go to build contact lists for our clients.

Some our list have been build using survey forms and through research studies to build the list, than shooting in the dark.

Our mailing lists are focused at increasing the bottom line revenue for company's B2B prospects. Some of the multi channel marketing proposed are:

BSP does thorough market research and business profiles before the completion of list building.
Some of our source include, events and conferences, user groups, community networks, associations, press releases, social media, tele-marketing, email campaigns, survey campaigns, media, job portals, resumes alike.

We are sensitive and selective in providing the prospects information and we do not provide this data to all the business.

We do not share our data information with any of our competitors and resellers. We respect and adhere to CAN SPAM policies.

Customers policies has enable our clients to get better return and responses using our data.